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Austin GDC 2010

October 6th, 2010 Comments off

Heading to the Austin Convention Center in the morning so I can listen to and report back on interesting panels, discussions and roundtables!

See you all when the whirlwind decides to stop throwing small pieces of splintered wood at me!  Stop me and say, “Hi!” if you catch me either at GDC or ACL starting on Oct 8th!

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New Contract For the Win!

August 4th, 2010 Comments off

It’s always good to have work to do! Thanks for hooking me up, Mark :)

Hope to be able to talk about the work going into this one at some point, as it’s certainly an interesting process.

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The Crazy Week

August 9th, 2009 Comments off

This article will serve as an apology to myself for having NOT posted a damn thing last week.  I’ll make sure to change that this week :P

<sarcasm>Way to go, self.  </sarcasm>

Lots of stuff happened, none of which should have kept me from getting something done here.  Looks like there is a distinct possibility I’ll be able to name one of the games for the iPhone that I worked on, as it has been submitted to Apple for the App Store, and the developers would like to talk to me about doing a sequel/sequels!  That’s exciting news!

Did another fun class for some students at GameCamp here in Austin at Austin Community College near Highland Mall.  It’s always fun to attempt to both control and entertain a class of 10-17 year olds!  I actually mean that…it’s usually a fun challenge, but I can imagine that task getting fairly trying and old  after you’ve done it for more than a few months, day in and day out.  I feel for all you middle and high school teachers!  Get to know the GameCampers I taught here: GameCamp! – Play. Work. Learn.

Also, there is a new CryptoCast up!  That took a good portion of our evening on Friday (the 7th), and you can listen to it here.  If you’re really curious to watch us in action instead of just listening, you can check the archive of the show here.

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