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Make Android play nice with Selenium Grid on a remote Jenkins server

September 3rd, 2013 Comments off

I spent quite a large amount of time figuring out how to make a Jenkins server kick off a job to run some integration tests on a remotely connected Android device. A LARGE amount. So much time, in fact, I wished someone had written an article such as the one you see below. Connectivity from the server to the remote device connected to a host computer was my largest time sink by far, so I hope to minimize that for you.

There are some pieces of this puzzle I won’t get into, as lots of information already exists about them. They require some basic knowledge I’m going to assume you possess or that you have ready access to tutorials. The information I’m glancing over includes the following points:

  • How to setup a server with Jenkins
  • How to instantiate a new Android Emulator
  • How to install the Homebrew package manager
  • A bit of Java as well as JavaScript experience – not much needed here, but it certainly helps
  • Basic understanding of what JSON is/is capable of doing; how to write/edit a JSON file
  • Basic understanding of networking ports

I’m running on OSX, but you can probably do all of the following with Cygwin. Read more…

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