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Coiled Up…

August 22nd, 2009

New music posted!

My instrumental-only cover of Lacuna Coil’s original song “Swamped” from their album Comalies (the song is also available for download in Rock Band) has been posted to the right.  It is currently the 2nd song in the list.

Remember: I am looking for singers to mix into this track, so if you think you’ve got the chops (and a mic), record a raw track of yourself singing any of the parts (no reverb, no additional sounds) and I will mix them in and post that track here as well!  Think of this as a tribute to one of the hardest working bands in the world.

Make an MP3 of your vocals, and send them to my email address: rtoomim (at) cagames (dot) com.

  1. August 23rd, 2009 at 20:15 | #1

    Good stuff.

    Hope you weren’t expecting an in-depth critique. :P

  2. August 24th, 2009 at 00:33 | #2

    “Good stuff,” is just as adaquate as any other comment :) I welcome more elaborate diatribes as well!!

    August 24th, 2009 at 19:03 | #3

    Me likey!

    This song is like… I went to KFC, and was like… I’d like some Hot & Spicy, please. But then they were like… Sorry… we’re all out of Hot Spicy shit… But how bout you try some of our Colonel Sander’s secret ass shit ass and I was like YEAH! Sure! I’ve never tried it, but it sounds great! So then I try it and I’m like DAMN! This is pretty tasty! So yeah! It’s just like that! Except the chicken could use a little more bass. Not LOUD bass, but more PRESENT. Na’amean?

  4. August 24th, 2009 at 19:23 | #4

    Mike, changed your name to protect the innocent; hope you don’t mind :) Welcome back to the world…

    WTF?! How is this song like chicken? I mean, I understand perfectly about the bass not being “in your face”, but I felt like I was making a crucial decision on that particular guitar: loud and proud, or sit in the mix. I chose “sit in the mix” because of the way the original sounds. Check this YouTube link (and make sure to listen in HQ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNtuWA4W1x8

    Tell me if hearing the original changes your mind at all or if you still think it could use more bass.

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