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New audio: “…and Found” – Inspired by ABC’s LOST

July 16th, 2009


There was a little contest going on in the guise of “fan appreciation” for ABC’s hit show LOST, and I found out about it last night.  Unfortunately, the contest ends tonight, but I decided to send my entry off anyway to see if they might accept it 8 hours late (next day air FTW).  Regardless, you all get to hear what I can do when pressed for time (and with a 60-second time limit…not that many of my works on the site go much longer than that).  It should be in the player to the right side of the page.  This short piece entitled “…and Found” is meant to run during a title sequence if one existed, and was inspired entirely by Michael Giacchino’s work on the show.  I hope some of his expertise rubbed off on me!  The man is a gold mine right now, so I could stand to learn from someone making as much money as he is.

I will amend an instrument list later if anyone is interested.

  1. oboreruhito
    July 21st, 2009 at 11:45 | #1

    Your music player has a sense of humor. Forboding spooky Lost music, ending in a big dramatic swell, pregnant pause… and then Steel Pan Bonus

    It’s like a big buildup, Locke shoots Jack, the screen goes to black, and then everyone’s partying on the beach. ‘YEAH JACK’S FINALLY DEAD WOOOOO THAT GOD THAT INSUFFERABLE GIT IS DEAD”

  2. July 21st, 2009 at 11:57 | #2

    I admit, I actually LOL’d when I read this :) You’re right! And that’s my fault (the order it plays tracks) because I just added each one at the end of the previous version of the playlist. Didn’t even think about the “humor” or “insensitivity” involved in playing one track after another. Suppose I’ll have to correct that.

    *LOLs again at “…THAT INSUFFERABLE GIT…”* Hahahaha

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