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Sometimes, all you need are BIG DRUMS…

July 4th, 2009 4 comments
EWQL's "Play" being used with Ableton Live

…and that is exactly what you’ll get with my newest work to be posted: “Big Ko Monster”. This short piece is ready for your next blockbuster action film/game trailer, complete with heavy percussive sections while leaving room for that poignant moment when the hero finally understands just how deep the rabbit hole goes before he proceeds to jump in head first!

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New audio: “The Quest”

July 3rd, 2009 4 comments
EWQL's "Play" being used with Ableton Live

Just updated the player with a new song called “The Quest”. This is my first real attempt at bringing a choir into the mix, and I’m relatively satisfied with it. It was created with the game Domain of Heroes (created by Tandem Games) in mind.  Seeing as DoH is a Web-browser game with no music, I wanted something that I thought might run well with a cut scene introduction.  Check out the game here:, and the track is in the player to the right.

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Adding a KwaEr (“choir”)

June 30th, 2009 2 comments
EWQL's Symphonic Choirs

EWQL's Symphonic Choirs

I’ve been playing around a lot with EastWest|Quantum Leap’sSymphonic Choir” package (which runs on the Play VSTi like most of their products), in conjunction with Word Builder.  Word Builder advertises that you “type in words for the choir to sing” which is a bit misleading as, although it works sometimes, it makes much more sense to use the exceptionally specific Votox language.

Votox allows you to type in phonemes using a standard QWERTY keyboard, and doesn’t use the non-English characters normally seen in dictionaries (such as a schwa).  For instance, if I wanted my choir to sing the word “cow”, I might type the word in plain English.  However, let’s say I want more control over the dipthong and the choir should sing more of an “ew” sound instead of “ah” followed by the default long vowel sound “oh”, I would switch to Votox and type “KaO”.   The ‘K’ and ‘a’ are likely self-evident, but the capital ‘O’ triggers the sound your voice and mouth make when your lips are in the shape of the letter, which can be more closely represented as “ooh” (i.e., “cool” as opposed to “coal”).

All of this is relatively inconsequential, as the best way to learn is just to play around with the tool; and it’s absolutely hilarious to get to know!  Imagine having an entire group of men and women singing “This shoe smells like poo” in the typical C-maj sequence I-IV-I-V-I!!

Hours of pure, gut-busting laughter. I promise!

After the novelty wears off, you’re left with an extraordinarily poweful tool that is slightly hindered by the difficulty of routing MIDI and/or the generated audio into and out of your DAW. An update has been announced for Word Builder and Symphonic Choirs that will integrate the two tools which are currently separate applications (Why? Not a clue), and make this particular composer very happy.

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Need audio? Code?

June 25th, 2009 Comments off

Welcome to! If you’re here on a quest for audio, please have a listen to the samples listed in the Flash player.

Here you’ll find some chronicles of my work and discoveries I’ve made about myself as a musician, and possibly my programmer half.

Contact Roddy: rtoomim (at) cagames [dot] com


“Roddy was able to take the varying desires of our team’s requests and provide us with something that ultimately satisfied us all.  And on top of that, he delivered well head of schedule!”- Steve Westhoff, Whirled World Studios

“Very professional.  The music and sound effects fit the mood of what we were looking for exactly and the work was completed in a very timely manner.”- Joe and Vin Licari, Zero Emission Games

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